Just a phone call away

Our nations truckers have peace of mind already, or can have it, being just a phone call away.  More and more drivers are making better decisions for at least two causes:

  1. They desire someone being on their side
  2. They see how they can help fellow Veterans out without writing a separate donation check.

Here is what one of the principle attorneys shared about quickly helping our nations’ professional drivers with their transportation issues:

“We have represented clients in the transportation industry ranging from large trucking companies to individual operators. Our lawyers have considerable experience in a wide variety of transportation matters, including licensing, safety compliance with United States Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration regulations, intrastate regulatory compliance, commercial drivers license citations, and leasing.”

CDLVeteran goes live on own web site

Instead of a redirected domain name since 2012, a web site is launched.

Within a few days, without pushing the site out too much on social media or SEO, we received a call from a Command Sergeant Major, retired, US Army.  Two conference calls in 3 days and some exciting times are ahead, especially for our nations CDL Veterans.

Someone has to do it

Wow!  A business associate, Justin P., who I have come to know a little bit, took a moment with me at one of the business conferences I attended, in OKC.

His “someone has to do it” in this amazing millennial movement video hit it on the head with our first post here on CDLVeteran.com.  This video, with Justin & Nick’s powerful message with Martin Luther King, Jr., and a call to action, validates the mission and cause we are on to help protect our Veterans and their CDLs.

Hello world!

There is a mission to complete and someone has to do it!

November 30, 2012

The mission of CDLVeteran.com is envisioned and the domain name acquired.

The domain name is initially redirected to point Veterans, who are professional/commercial drivers, to the better answer for their legal  needs out on the road, and back home.