Our Team

We serve[d] and continue to serve.  Interested in join the team?  Want to earn some side-gig income, which could be enough to pay that utility bill back home, your truck payment or more? Contact us.

All team members listed have and are advocates of the identity and legal services listed on the page Secure My CDL NOW.

Terry Kohler, US Air Force, Michigan

Current CDL holder – Ohio
Team Veteran Foundation, Founding Member, Director
CDL Veteran, Creator/Owner
the USA Freedom PT, Owner
Secure My CCW & training – Creator/Owner
Steel Horse Veterans – Creator/Owner

Terry with Tim Ballard, Operation Underground Railrod

Michael Kohler, US Army, Michigan

MTK Trucking, Owner/Operator
Professional Driver since 1988
OTR & Northwest, based in Idaho


Gordon Brown, US Navy, Arizona

Team Veteran Foundation, Founder
Patriot Medical Supply & Equipment, Owner
Supporter of CDL holders

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Our team members on CDL Veteran are here to support you.  Our passion to continue serving our nation is affiliated with the services presented in brief overview videos as Affiliates / Independent Associates.  We all have taken the oath & commitment with Team Veteran to donate 60% of our commissioned earnings, those which are created with these services using the Team Veteran approach in a group/employee benefit setting, to vetted Veteran charities.  We ask you to consider joining us on that part of the mission, though not required to be part of CDL Veteran. You keep the tax write-off for donations.  You keep the your commissions for individual and business non-Team Veteran sales. See TeamVeteran.org to discover some of the Veterans-in-need success stories.