Get Paid Daily

When wheels are turning or not! Get paid during training too! Team or solo options, through the field team and home office team is on the ready to help you! [NOTE: this does is not you working for an actual trucking company, but in the industry helping fellow CDL holders, making a living while making a difference!

In your spare/part time, from anywhere in the USA!!!
We’ve been doing this for 18-years and have proven it works. Others have been doing it for 50-years. The company is in it’s 51st year, EMPOWERING AND PROTECTING! The home office has paid out over a Billion $$ in 10 years and there is not enough of us out in the field helping in our spare time, otherwise they’d be paying out more. Check us out at the form down below.

Who do you know with a CDL that is currently, or has been, on the road at some point? Are you aware of 2023’s spike in lane restrictions/violations? How about the spike in citations & tickets?

Know any drivers needing help with garnishments, inattention, distractions, divorce or even an up-to-date estate plan [Will]? Did you know that there are some Counties in Georgia that has mandatory jail time? Who are you going to call when you need help for that OR anything affecting your driving ability?

We have a brand new CDL drivers 1-minute video to share with you. If it makes sense to you then maybe you’d like to see how our team helps you make big dollars and cents! Send us your basic contact detail for the personalized video link. We do not spam or share your info.

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