The First Cost of Freedom

The First Cost of Freedom is Supporting Our Veterans!™


In addition to awesome services provided to you, whether legal, identity protection or both, CDL Veteran GIVES 50% (one half) of all earnings to the Veteran organization, Team Veteran Foundation.

CDL Veteran is supporting Team Veteran Foundation, Inc. (TVF) which is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, Federal Identification Number 46-1017104, under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Working in partnership with Team Veteran & Team Veteran Foundation, CDLveteran serves Veterans in need and has programs for
  • health, and wellness programs to help heal traumatic brain injury (TBI), so many Veterans have been misdiagnosed with PTS versus a TBI.
  • business ownership,
  • networking activities and support groups.

When you purchase a plan, any plan, 50% of the earned commissions goes to this unique organization!