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Drive22 18-wheeler truck

The Missions of Victory For Veterans Foundation and Team Veteran Foundation are to serve Veterans in need; beginning with saving lives! …

During the month of NOVEMBER 2017, our miles count to fight against suicide! This  month is selected for a new kind of awareness campaign that can save some of our fellow truck drivers & Veterans. Join us and be counted with fellow drivers & companies shown below.

Veterans drive truck. Veterans served our nation and sacrificed, some gave their all. Some citizens couldn’t serve. Some chose not to serve. 22+ Veterans a day are making that tough decision and putting an end to their misery.  Help us, in our partnership with Victory For Veterans and Team Veteran Foundation to raise awareness and lower the #’s of those dying by suicide.

Help raise money while you do what you love to do or get paid to do – drive truck! Join other truck drivers and trucking companies and DRIVE for 22

We DRIVE for the 22+ daily, who end their life, to raise funds to ELIMINATE the Veteran Suicide Epidemic!

Learn more through these information flyers:

For the Driver: DRIVE22-flyer-DriverInstructions

For the Driver to give to potential Sponsors: DRIVE22-flyer-DriverToGiveToPotentialSponsors

For the Sponsor: DRIVE22-flyer-SponsorFlyer

These Drivers &/or Companies have stepped up to the plate to serve our Veterans by participating with the month-long November Drive22 event:

Michael, Owner Operator, MTK Trucking
“Hello My name is Michael Kohler. I served in the Army National Guard and Reserve from 1985 to 1992. I am the owner of MTK Trucking LLC. I support Team Veteran Foundation &”
Pocono Coast West, M’lisa Petrosky, Owner
Pocono Coast West, M’lisa Petrosky, Owner